What is SIAMS?

SIAMS is the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools. This is also known as a Section 48 inspection. All church schools will undergo this inspection which is scheduled every five years. Current judgments are: Outstanding, Good, Satisfactory or Inadequate.

The current SIAMS schedule is under review. The new SIAMS schedule will come into effect from Autumn 2018. More information about the new SIAMS will be posted as they are made available. In the meantime all schools should follow the current SIAMS schedule as stated below.

If you are part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) your Christian Distinctiveness Advisor (CDA) will guide you through the SIAMS and the completion of your SIAMS SEF. Please contact the diocese for more information about this.

Current SIAMS documents

The following documents should be used in preparation for your SIAMS inspection. The new SIAMS inspection schedule is not due to come into effect until Autumn Term 2018. So schools that are due an inspection BEFORE Autumn 2018 will be inspected under the current SIAMS schedule.

The SIAMS handbook covers what schools need to know about the SIAMS inspection. Please see below:

SIAMS handbook 2017

SIAMS Self Evaluation Form (SEF)


You can use the SIAMS SEF below which is produced by the Church of England Education Office. However you can bespoke your SEF to best showcase your school but if you do please cover all the elements asked for by the Church of England Education Office SEF.

SIAMS Schedule 2013

SIAMS Schedule 2013

Use the SIAMS schedule when completing your SIAMS SEF. This schedule covers all the core questions. These core questions are then broken down into areas that should be covered/commented on within your SIAMS SEF:

CQ1= Christian Character

  • Learners’ achievement
  • Christian values
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Relationships
  • Understanding of and respect for diverse communities
  • Religious education

CQ2= Collective Worship

  • The impact of collective worship
  • The central attributes of collective worship
  • The centrality of prayer and reflection
  • The theological basis of collective worship
  • The leadership and management of collective worship

CQ3= Religious Education (VA schools, or schools that were formally VA schools and now converted to academies)

  • Progress and standards based upon the school’s performance data
  • Quality of teaching and learning
  • Quality of curriculum
  • Effectiveness of leadership and management of religious education

CQ4= Leadership and Management

  • Christian vision
  • Evaluation and strategic planning
  • Future leadership of church schools
  • Partnership and key stakeholders

Further information

For further information on SIAMS please refer to the Church of England website using this link:

Church of England Schools

Diocesan SIAMS protocol

Please see below the Lichfield Board of Educations protocol for SIAMS inspections.

LDBE SIAMS Protocol Jan 2017

Diocesan Inspectors

Please see below details of our diocesan SIAMS inspectors.

SIAMS Inspectors

The New SIAMS Schedule from September 2018

This will come into effect from September 2018. Until this time schools will be inspected under the old schedule above.

The new SIAMS schedule is below:

SIAMS Evaluation Schedule 2018 NEW

A suggested SIAMS SEF is below but this is not compulsory. School may wish to devise their own format.

Self-Evaluation Form NEW

LDBE SIAMS 2018 Schedule School Audit

The LDBE has produced a school audit to help school leaders with the new SIAMS schedule. Click here to view and download.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Possible SIAMS questions that could be used for pupil voice. Click here to download.

Strand 3 of the new SIAMS schedule is: Character Education: Hope, Aspiration & Courageous Advocacy

This is linked to Global Education. Please click here for more resources & information.